Facebook Cheat Sheet:
Creative Best Practices Guide

Or how to compete in the crowded advertising market

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For your potential customers, ad creatives are the first point of interaction with your product or service. Your ads must grab people’s attention straightaway and make them want to learn more. That’s why the first impression you leave is so critical.

Throughout the years, we’ve tested and analyzed enough creatives to find winning approaches and determine essential elements that lead people to desired outcomes. And while there are no magic formulas for hitting the jackpot in the advertising space, some strategies may strongly impact your campaign’s performance.

In this guide, we are sharing time-proven methods we use with our clients to generate consistent traffic to their mobile apps. Follow the guide to learn:

  • What resonates best with targeted audiences in different business verticals?
  • What strategies make mobile game stand out from the rest?
  • What traps should you avoid when advertising an e-commerce store?
  • How to create inspiring and actionable ads for fitness brands?
  • What are the restrictions for promoting financial services?

...And many more!


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