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Case Study
How iFunny App
Got a Massive Boost
From Snapchat
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With a tagline «Get your daily dose of fun», iFunny is an incredibly popular app for meme lovers, which features user-submitted content of all kinds.


Crowded advertising market on Facebook and Google

Hard to find
high-quality traffic


Finding new, less competitive traffic sources

Acquiring high-quality young users

Increasing D1 retention rate

Key Achievements:

Video views:

62 000 000+

Swipe-to-install rate:


Number of app installs

370 000+

1 day retention rate:


*Peak values


Creative Examples

Denis Litvinov
COO at «FunCorp»

“We had been in search of new traffic sources, and the Appness team suggested to try out Snapchat, as a great channel to engage with a younger audience. Over the years, Appness had been our strategic partner in terms of user acquisition, that’s why we entrusted this task to them. The result exceeded our expectations, and now Snapchat is one of our top sources.”

About Appness

Appness is a creative & media buying lab for mobile advertising that provides marketers with access to the human cloud: freelance ad designers and in-house advertising professionals powered by the platform’s intelligent ad optimization algorithms.